Words of Purpose

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Words are powerful; it becomes even more powerful when determined as a theme or vision statement. It mirrors in the actions of people who focus, channelize all their efforts and make each day count based on the same. The year 2019 is devoted to ‘Tolerance’ a value deeply rooted in the social fabric of the UAE and in the teachings of HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may his soul, rest in peace).

2018 was the Year of Zayed commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of the late founding father of the UAE. 2017 - Year of Giving, 2016 - Year of Reading and 2015 - Year of Innovation respectively. Yet another great virtue to be learned from the visionary leadership of the UAE. The year theme is adopted by the government and its agencies through various initiatives during the entire year.


Reflects the vision

“The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.” ―Thomas Carlyle

A nation or an institution, having a definitive purpose is imperative. Every business organization, every business leader should adopt a year theme according to their business goals for the year. It gives a sense of direction to the people and not only to the propagator, driving their aspirations and motivation. Being vocal and communicating one’s vision and goals are as important as having one.

A year theme forms part of the overall vision of the leader and the organization. The results can be much more exhilarating when it’s a collective purpose. The win-win situation will be when people feel and align their individual aspirations with the organizational goal. A leader, who can create a synergy between the two, can create wonders for all.          


Role of the leadership

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” ―Washington Irving

Every organization is the reflection of its leader and their vision. Business goals and department-wise targets are usually confined to the top management and their aspirations form the basis of determining these goals. How many times efforts are taken by leaders to know and support the individual goals of their team members? Incentivizing the employees or a department on achieving their goals is a common HR practice; but is it possible that we can think of a more inclusive work culture where we help the team members determining their goals, encouraging them to have personal and professional goals like savings, investments, vocational & professional courses etc.

Thereafter, aligning their individual goals with business goals, can it yield better results? Is this approach viable and workable? Will it not develop a sense of belongingness and loyalty in the minds of the team members? It’s said that every great achievement is initiated by an individual but accomplished by a group of people. What could be a better time to ponder over it than the beginning of a new year?

Leading by action

Announcing the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, the President, HH Sheikh Khalifa BIN Zayed Al Nahyan said is an extension of the Year of Zayed, as it upholds the values of tolerance and coexistence that the late Sheikh Zayed established among the people of the UAE. It is one of the most important attributes that we can impact our people and the global community to ensure the safety, stability and happiness of peoples across the world. Learning from the leaders these words inspires all of us to think and act for the people at large.

I am reminded, Ratan Tata was once asked, Tata & Sons is one of the largest conglomerates with business enterprises ranging from salt to airlines, and why is that your name never appears among richest people in the world or Asia? He replied, we are not businessmen, we are industrialists. Our goal is not creating personal wealth but giving back to the society and the nation.