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Don’t just survive, lead the transformation

Darwinian Theory of evolution states ‘survival of the fittest’ which refers to a situation in which only the strongest people or things continue to live or be successful, while the others die or fail. In other words, we have to continuously keep adapting to the environment, we live and operate in; to remain relevant and competitive. It is not an option anymore but a virtue which every successful person today follows. The important aspects of the phenomenon of evolution are the man himself and the environment.

The habitat

As we are discussing, evolution through innovation, and the relevant question to be asked here is - are we doing business today exactly the same way as we were doing five years back? Or can you remain as productive and profitable, if continue to do things the same way as today for the next five or ten years? The obvious answer would be - No. Simply because the business environment today is dynamic and ever-changing with the technological advancements and disruptive innovations. In fact, as a friend on lighter note once said that every time there is a new version of iPhone launched in the market, we should review all our IT support systems and upgrade or change if needed. That’s how fast technology is changing our way of life and working.

Moreover, when we talk about the environment, a perfect example of ‘evolution through innovation’ is the city itself, Dubai; how it has evolved in the last two-three decades whether in case of adopting new technologies or harbouring innovations. It has always been a frontrunner when it comes to leading or embracing technological innovations and smart governance. 

The Man

We do not control the changes going on around over lives, but what is definitely in control? Is our own habits and learning. It is imperative that we also keep upgrading our knowledge base. The technologies related to communication and data storages are changing constantly with improved versions; which affects our individual productivity and efficiency. We have to keep evolving with the technological innovations and learn how they are enabling our personal and professional lives. In our work life, more than the skill-sets, what determines professional success is the person’s knowledge quotient. Learning itself is an ever-evolving process and we have to keep learning. What we study in our college and school would become redundant if we do not substantiate it with current affairs and subject knowledge with time. 

The Message

One important aspect in the present scenario which we often tend to neglect or do not pay heed to is our approach and attitude. It is often above all the other materialistic riches. What fuels evolution and innovations are not necessarily making money but making sense of what we are doing? Every success story that inspires people is not about the money an individual possess but how meaningful one’s life was. The legends like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi or APJ Abdul Kalam are not revered for their material riches but how meaningful their life was and how it impacted others’ lives.

In the present competitive and materialistic life, if we want to evolve and innovate, our thirst should be adding value to others’ life which money alone cannot quench and according to me, that’s the core of any innovation and evolution led through it. I would conclude with reiterating a quote by Guy Kawasaki, the famous American evangelist and venture capitalist, which says “the best reason to start an organization is to make meaning; to create a product or service to make the world a better place.”        


Published in ICAI Dubai 2018 Souvenir on the theme: Evolution through Innovation