An example for the world and its people.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin

Whether a person, organization or nation, it is inevitable to keep evolving to continue growth. It’s the vision and leadership of our nation that we are today on a steady path of growth and prosperity. It was UAE that took initiative much before the oil turmoil struck the Gulf nations, to diversify and expand the avenues for economic growth.

Dubai shifted its focus from being an oil-driven economy to developing the emirate into an infrastructural marvel which world eyes as an ideal place to do business, trade, dwell and visit. The key sectors contributing to the economy today apart from oil revenues are financial services, travel & tourism, health, trading to name a few. 

The recent Emirates NBD Survey is a testimony of this vision and leadership. According to the report, the growth of Dubai’s non-oil private sector has sustained robust pace in the last two months, supported by further gains in output, new orders and employment. The key sectors which have shown growth are (a) wholesale and retail, (b) construction and (c) travel & tourism. The IHS Markit PMI Survey reports a 30 month high for the UAE economy.

The other important observations in the report indicate overall improvement in the health of Dubai’s private sector, a sharp increase in business activity and level of business optimism was the strongest since May. Promotional activities, new orders in the pipeline and further improvements in market demand conditions were the key factors cited by the report behind business confidence.

This news infuses new vigor in the market and raises the spirits of business owners operating in various sectors. Apart from the same, there is an imperative learning which we need to understand and i.e. to keep evolving. The professions we are involved in or the environment where we operate are evolving with each passing day.

I believe, to keep pace with this ever-evolving phenomenon there are three important points to be kept in mind:

a.   Being open-minded to learn new things and to adapt new changes.

b.   Never ignore technology. There is no field or business processes where there is no scope of employing new technologies. Technology facilitates growth.

c.   Investing your time and energy in meeting new people and reading new books.


Dubai exemplifies the constant need to evolve, the way it has evolved in the last three to four decades not just as a nation but in terms of prosperity of its people. Same as the city we live in, there is a constant need to evolve in our respective professions and enterprise and that’s the key to growth.